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Comments by Anne Ursu on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 05:47 IP Logged
Dear Laura, I have a novel coming out this December, my first. I had a bad bout of CFS, and I am about 80% recovered, but I just wanted to make contact with you and tell you I admire you for working with this. If there's any support I can give you, please let me know. Anne
Mountain View, CA USA

Comments by Claire L. Mack on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 05:47 IP Logged
Dear Ms. Hillenbrand: Thank you so very much for Seabuscuit An American Legend. I loved most of it but was disappointed with the audio version. Reason being, I have been the Mayor of San Mateo, CA twice, served on the council for 8 years and should be the Mayor again in 2003. In the audio version the reader, Scott Campbell, refers to Bay Meadows being located in San Francisco. Every time he said San Francisco, it was like scratching on a blackboard. I knew about and heard about Sea Biscuit all my growing up years in San Mateo because my mother did laundry for the Black grooms at Bay Meadows as many laundries in San Mateo during the 30's would not do the laundry of Black people. Before my mother started doing the laundry, My Aunt, Texana Cullen Guidry Sisson was the cook and her husband Grafter Guidry was the butler for the Kine family who had an important role at Bay Meadows. The one in San Mateo. ((=: Other than the reference to San Francisco, the book was fantastic. It was recommended by the music teacher at Hillsdale High School, Mr. Jackson and my middle daughter who couldn't put the book down. Unfortunately the audio book was an abridged version and left out some of the richness about Howard Avenue in Burlingame being neamed for the Howards, but it still was good listen. Thank you. Claire Mack
San Mateo, CA USA

Comments by Becky Remillard on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 00:38 IP Logged
Dear Ms. Hillenbrand: I just finished reading your book and LOVED it. It had everything in it - humor, sadness, excitement. We own a horse that my daughter shows in local hunter shows. Despite my great love of horses, I really knew nothing about horse racing. Your book was thoroughly entertaining and educating. I felt like I was there for the races and couldn't read fast enough to find out who the winner was. I look forward to the movie and hope it does honor to your book. I will recommend your book to horses people and non-horse people alike. Thank you. Becky Remillard
Levittown, PA USA

Comments by Lisa Salazar on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 09:43 IP Logged
Thank you for the fabulous book. I'm not a "horse person," but fell in love with Seabiscuit. Your writing, especially description (I had to read aloud to my husband your physical description of Tom Smith as suffering from progressive invisibility!), is masterful. You describe scores of races in the book and each felt exciting to the wire -- and different from the previous one. Your research is impeccable. You really captured the time in America, deftly weaving history with sport. The way the American people rallied around Seabiscuit is amazing -- maybe we could use another Seabiscuit now. Looking forward to the movie.
Philadelphia, PA USA

Comments by Cathy Schmidt on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 04:28 IP Logged
Dear Ms. Hillenbrand - Thank you so much for writing this book. My life long best friend's father trained thoroughbreds so she and I would go to the barns at Del Mar when her father was there and hang out with the horses. They were a bit scary to us as they seemed so large and high strung but were so beautiful. This book brought those times back and especially has lifted our spirits in such trying times in our country. I would love to find a poster or picture of Seabiscuit to hang in the family computer room, but have been unsuccessful. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you so much for you book.
South Jordan, U USA

Comments by greg tamblyn on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 02:01 IP Logged
Laura, Great book--kept me up till 2AM three nights running. I wish you would have listed ways to actually see footage of Seabiscuit, if it's available to the public. Documentaries, short subjects, etc. Now that I've read his story, I want to SEE him! (And I don't want to wait for the Hollywood movie!) Maybe you could list something on the website. Thanks for a great read, Greg Tamblyn
kansas city, mo USA

Comments by Mary Long on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 00:21 IP Logged
Laura, I've loved horses since I was a little girl, and of course had a roomful of horse books that I read over and over. Your book brought back the thrills I had reading about the Black Stallion and the King of the Wind. Your descriptions of the match race with War Admiral and Sea Biscuit's final magnificent comeback made me cry. What an incredible, cantankerous, brave little horse! And how amazing it was that all those diverse people came together at just the right time to make a champion. Thank you so much for writing this!
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Comments by John Adessi on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 09:26 IP Logged
Laura, I have only completed a few chapters, but look forward to completing the book. I will be spending two weeks in Florida so that is where I should have the time. I have been aware of the great Seabiscuit's accomplishments since I was a boy. I read where you might do a children's book and I would be interested in showing you some of my artwork. I have a notecard of Seabiscuit on the market and would loke to send you a copy. Hope to hear from you soon. Your work makes for very enjoyable reading especially when it is about one of my favorite subjects. Best wishes, John
Warwick, RI USA

Comments by REBECCA on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 09:12 IP Logged

Comments by Jodie on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 04:07 IP Logged
Laura, just finished the book and hate that it's over. I found it one of the most enjoyable, exciting, moving, enthralling reads ever. Fell in love with Seabisquit. So much that I'd really like to find a small bit of memorabilia. Heard you bought a lot on e-bay, but when I did a search there it turned up nothing -- zero! Did you buy ALL of it? Or has the popularity of the book caused the supply to dry up? If you know where else I might look, please let me know. Also, how many hands was Seabisquit? I'm sure you said in the book but I've forgotten. And finally, what ever happened to dear Pumpkin? Did he retire with Seabisquit? Thanks.
Los Angeles, CA USA

Comments by Tom Lovelace on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 03:00 IP Logged
Ms Hillenbrand I recently read your remarkable book about a fabulous horse. I was a small boy in the DC area when the "Biscuit" was in the news. I did not have first hand knowledge of the horse or those about him until reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and wanted to tell you so. My taste runs to stories based upon history and therefore read almost anything that Ambrose and those like him write. I will now take the same approach to your writings. Seabiscuit was well written and most entertaining. It brough excitment and a tear to the eye, and I was sorry when I came to the end. I wanted it to continue, but of course the cycles of life are such that all things come to an end and other equally fascinating things pick up and go on. I truly hope you will find a new project that we can look forward to. Thank you for a rich experience that I shall not forget. Yours, Tom Lovelace
Clifton, VA USA

Comments by Silvia on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 02:31 IP Logged
Hi Laura, (sorry about my terrible english...) in this summer I could read your book Seabiscuit in german language (easyer for me;-). I would like to say THANK YOU - THIS BOOK is great! In Germany your book have many friends;-). I hope the movie Seabiscuit came to germany. Best regards Silvia
Norderstedt, Germany

Comments by Joe Ellison on Monday, October 29, 2001 at 00:27 IP Logged
Dear Laura: A friend of mine called me on September 12. The day before, he had escaped the 70th Floor of WTC #2 AFTER the second plane hit. (I was on the top floor of WTC #1 in '93 when the bomb went off). During our conversation, he raved about your book which I bought from Amazon while still on the phone with him. I have a "copper" thoroughbred which I ride several times a week. My daughter competes regularly on her horse. Sadly I'm almost done reading SEABISCUIT. It's a great escape from the recent news. Thank you so much for crafting and communicating a brilliant history. I used to live and ride in D.C. Ever been to Middleburg? I know you're working on the film (my heart goes out to you). Are you working on another book? All the very best to you. Joe

Comments by mel smith on Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 02:17 IP Logged
Laura, I waited for the book from the library for months, once I got it I could not put it down. Loved it and have been telling all my reading friends what a great stroy it is. I love horses and have followed careers of Man of WAr Seabiscuit etc. in the past. I learned so much more esp from a jockey's point of view. And yes I had to return the library book so went out and bought my own copy so my husband could read and I can read again. Am looking forward to the movie. Mel
kansas city, ks USA

Comments by phillis on Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 01:15 IP Logged
I really enjoyed your book--- as they all say-- i could hardly put it down. I have been a race horse fan for over 40 years and attended races in So. Fla. on many a saturday. Could have been possible that Sunny Jim was alive in the early 60's? It seems to me that i saw him at Hialeah but that would have made him in his 90's. Those were the good days in Fla. racing. Hope you write more books.

Comments by Nancy Cook on Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 05:16 IP Logged
Dear Laura,I am not really a "horse person" per se but I am an animal lover and probably the reason I bought your book was more the fact that you have chronic fatigue syndrome and the nurse in me was interested in that aspect when I saw you interviewed on Good Morning America. I went to the bookstore on my way to work that morning and bought your book and I can now say that it is probably one of the best books I have read. I could not put the book down and I fell in love with Seabiscuit and his stallmate Pumpkin. ( I smile everytime I think of the name Pumpkin...just something about that name that tickles me.)I also had a personal interest in George Woolf as I am a diabetic and could really appreciate what he went through with his disease. You did an incredible job writing your book and I really look forward to seeing the movie. I have given your book to many people who all feel the same way about it.....they couldn't put it down and they fell in love with Seabiscuit. Thank you so much for writing the book. I have such a new respect for horses now. I just finished reading Monty Roberts book The Man Who Listens to Horses and am now recommending that book to everyone. I do hope you are feeling of luck to you Laura.
San Francisco, CA USA

Comments by Marsha Chodnicki on Friday, October 26, 2001 at 06:41 IP Logged
What a wonderful book. Not only a terrific read, but I learned alot too. I felt like I was actually there. That probably sounds hooky, but I really did. Your book put me, in my mind, right there!!! I hope you will be writing more in the future! Congrats on a GREAT book!

Comments by Karol Ballard on Friday, October 26, 2001 at 04:19 IP Logged
Dear Laura, I am an ex-exercise rider and screenwriter, and I've read your Seabiscuit book over and over. It is perfect! Upon reading the comments from your many fans, it is clear that the film by director Gary Ross would be well-received. Of course, it is imperative that the film remain true to the story and the spirit of the players. Because of my background in both the racetrack and scriptwriting, I believe I can write the best possible script, based on your book. If you have any say in the matter, I would like to correspond with you in regards to my adapting your book. Please drop me an e, and I'll gladly forward my phone number and references from people you worked with on the project. All the best to you, Laura! Sincerely, Karol Ballard
sierra madre, ca USA

Comments by Steve Zanzarella on Friday, October 26, 2001 at 02:22 IP Logged
Dear Ms. Hillenbrand-what a great read! Please, please, please don't let Hollywood f--- it up!!!!!!!
Haymarket , Va. USA

Comments by Eric J. Orr, D.V.M. on Friday, October 26, 2001 at 01:41 IP Logged
At age 19 I left home for the first time in a 9 horse van, on my way to a NY State harness racetrack. Over 12 years I worked on 50 racetracks in 10 states and 2 Canadian Provinces. I worked with Standardbreds rather than Thoroughbreds, but life on the backstretch was much the same. I now am a small animal veterinarian, and have left the racetrack behind me. I have been an avid reader all of my life, and had intended to teach history if thwarted in my attempt to gain admission into veterinary school. SEABISCUIT was so thoroughly researched and well written that I was moved to tears several times in the reading of it. This powerful story, masterfully crafted, made me feel that the serendipity that surrounded Seabiscuit was still working. Seabiscuit, Smith and Pollard had been rescued from certain obscurity by the joining of men and horse, and now you have preserved their stories for another century. Please accept my deepest gratitude.
Bradenton, FL USA

Comments by Curtis Nolen on Friday, October 26, 2001 at 00:27 IP Logged
Laura: I have loved horse racing all of my life and just recently bought a copy of your book. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and think it is the best sports book that I have ever read. I laughed and I cried and really appreciated the background information that you provided on the sport. Make sure they do the movie right! Thanks for a wonderful experience. Curtis Nolen
San Antonio, TX USA

Comments by Evan Haning on Thursday, October 25, 2001 at 07:07 IP Logged
Dear Laura, I have just finished Seabiscuit, your wonderful book. Besides increasing my heart rate, it has given me an interest in horse racing, a cultural activity that heretofore must have lain in my blind spot. On visiting your site and reading other entries, it looks as if you might have CFS. If so, please feel free to contact me. I'm executive producer of the Dr. Gabe Mirkin Show. If you've lived in Washington a while, you may know who he is. Dr. Mirkin is a practicing physician who (among other things - many other things) wrote the best-selling sports medicine book of all time, is the CBS Radio News medical commentator, has coached many athletes including Olympic participants, and is currently one of the leading practicing proponents of treating CFS with antibiotics. You can look over some of the material (including medical reference, scientific journals, etc.) at his website: He has successfully treated chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other so-called autoimmune diseases with long-term antibiotic therapy. I would be happy to give you an introduction to him. (My studio # if you need it is 301-215-4587.
Washington, DC USA

Comments by Sally Lasater on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 03:10 IP Logged
Hi -- in the 1970's we produced The American Horse and Horseman, with Dale Robertson, a nationally syndicated series about horses and horse people. One of our features was a 12 minute documentary narrated by Dale. It contained the actual race footage of the match race between War Admiral and Seabiscuit in 1938. I have bought the original b/w film off a dusty shelf in New York City. If you will provide me with a mailing address I will send you a VHS copy, as we have just released it as a home video. Perhaps you would like to market this incredible rare footage of this magical match between the son and grandson of Seabisuit! Dale gives historical background and actually calls the race as though you were there. Best regards, Sally Lasater
houston, tx USA

Comments by Ben Eastman on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 02:38 IP Logged
In your interview of a few months ago that I just read on the internet in which you attributed the popularity of the book to Seabiscuit's great story, you didn't mention the main reason I read your book even though I did not have any particular abiding interest in horses: it is a compelling read. People love to read good writing about any subject - Tom Wolfe, John McPhee, Richard Rhodes. I await their next books and now I can't wait for yours. Thank you.
Denver, CO USA

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