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bellowing for him (he hadn’t, but never mind).
“It’s better when there’s stew to sop up,” said Lem.

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found one sweet spot and lingered there, touching herself lightly, timidly at first and then
A wan smile crossed Lord Beric’s lips. “Thoros, my sword.”
Cook Islands

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washed the arrow too, turning it in his hands. Was the fletching grey, or white? Ygritte
than could be said for his cousin Ser Cleos, laboring on the other oar. A big strong

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subjects. Are you refusing me, Jon Snow?”
“Yes.” His voice was thick. “First we’ll live.”

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Then the septry erupted, the Mummers boiling out like angry ants. Two ibbenese
children of the forest, who can say?”
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in linen, but listening to all that Lord Janos had to say. When he pointed that out to his
“The boy is innocent.”

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gloved fingers clenched around the dagger’s hilt as he waited for the sound to die away.
Jarl’s raiders, the men who’d climbed the Wall. Jon was coming to know them despite

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my wife the queen!”
stump to point at her. “I wanted to tell you that before you went galloping off to rescue

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Robert, Jon thought for one mad moment, remembering poor Owen, but when the
Chett got to his feet. His legs were stiff, and the falling snowflakes turned the distant

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one, lowborn, Hand for a fortnight, just another mad fancy of the Mad King.
“All men must die,” Dany agreed, “but not for a long while, we may pray.” She leaned
Saudi Arabia

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