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“Do I need a trick for that now?” he teased. “Or is that you can’t swim a stroke?” Jon
reached down with two bone-white hands to pull out the knife, but where its fingers

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Joffrey and Margaery rode into the throne room on matched white chargers. Pages ran
“We drank the sweetest mead the day Craster made me a wife. It was summer then,

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much, but the Good Masters are being generous and your need is being great.”
had a hollow ring. She had lost all desire to go swimming. When Sandor Clegane shouted

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too, the Old Bear, and Grerm and Dolorous Edd and Pyp and Toad and all his other
hand his prayers turned to screams, and he burned. Why cling to these false gods?”

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the flesh marts in the great slave cities of Yunkai, Meereen, and Astapor was dire and
“I am big all over. And I have many brothers. The Titan’s Bastard does not drink

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If he did, Cersei would see that his father heard of it, and 'Yaya would suffer more than a
The exile knight smiled. “Gladly, Your Grace.”

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die, he thought. I know that much, at least. “All men die,” he could almost hear her say,
he said, “It is good to see you home, Cat,” she had to struggle to keep her composure.
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Robb studied the sepulcher. “Whose grave is this?”
lanterns bobbing down an alley. Perhaps one was Ser Jorah, leading his horse slowly

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what we can find.”
put in. “Had that not occurred to you?”
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Squire Squishlips and his ilk and the various pimply young maidens who’d been paraded
Jaime turned without a word and walked away.

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“Lord Lothar Mallery and Ser Gladden Wylde,” said Harwin.
“And when I’m free,” he said slowly, “will I be free to go?”

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