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Comments by Marijana Weiner on Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 00:41 IP Logged
I happened on the tail end of your interview on booktv. I was struck with your reading, with the photos of the horses, and somehow felt the stirring of a dim memory from early childhood, of the name "Seabiscuit" (I was born in 1936). I later saw the book on sale at Costco, of all places, and bought it. I know next to nothing about sports, and certainly not horseracing, but, still only halfway through your book, I am in pig-heaven! It is a wonderful read, I find myself telling stories about Seabisquit, racing, jockeys, the 30s, to anyone who will listen. What a gift you have written! Thank you so much. Marijana B.W.
Los Angeles, CA USA

Comments by MARY DAVIS on Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 00:07 IP Logged

Comments by Carroll D Simpkins on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 09:17 IP Logged
Dear Laura, I commend you for writing one of the truly good books of this or any other decade. You have truly placed yourself in the ranks of legitimately great writers. Thank you for your dedication to this project and for your gift to all of us.
Beckley, wv USA

Comments by Sarah Edwards on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 08:44 IP Logged
Dear Laura, Tom Smith is my great-great grand father on my fathers side,(who bears great resemblance to "SilentTom). I am reading Seabiscuit right now and I can't put it down! My father has always told me stories of his childhood in Southern California at the racetracks with his grandpa Jim, seeing famous people and stories about Tom and Seabiscuit. We have some race memorobilia and pictures that I have cherished as the only record of him and I can't tell you how much this book means to me. Thank you for crafting such a wonderful account of this true American legend. I wish that I could have lived back then to have a glimpse of these times, but your book has really brought them to life. Thank you again and I can't wait to see the movie!!!
Santa Rosa Beach, FL USA

Comments by Howard Raphael on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 07:43 IP Logged
Laura, Were you to have been born Seabiscuit, I doubt if your autobiography would have been more heartwarmingly portrayed. Thank you
Sherman Oaks, CA USA

Comments by Sharon George on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 06:56 IP Logged
Laura: Thank you for a truly wonderful book "Seabiscuit." I was enchanted with George Woolf. I think you should write a book about him now! Can't wait to see the movie. Thanks again!
Wichita, KS USA

Comments by Steve Scott on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 03:55 IP Logged
Simply put, this is the best book I have ever read.
san diego, ca USA

Comments by Alyce Soffer on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 03:21 IP Logged
This was a beautiful, fascinating story. My own small horse has the heart of Seabiscuit and I, too, saw thatin his eyes the very first time I looked at him, just like Mr. Smith. I doubt there will ever be another relationship like the one involving all of these lives and such a great horse. My mother remembers all the notoriety about Seabiscuit. Thanks for bringing it to the rest of us.
York, PA USA

Comments by Jere Witherspoon on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 03:06 IP Logged
Laura, I am already mourning the moment I read the last page of this incredible book. In the meantime I am savoring every word, every emotion, every experience. When I read I feel as if I am taken back in time. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. As I child I devoured every horse book written. Of course I knew about "Seabiscuit." With every line I read names and stories re-awaken a memory from books read as a child. I grew up in San Ysidro, CA. I had no idea the rich history that race track in Tijuana possesed. As a child I remember longing to visit Agua Caliente. Once my grandfather took me, though I was too young to remember much. What a wonderful story you are telling. Thank you again.
Newberg, OR USA

Comments by Jimmy Cav on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:53 IP Logged
Dear Laura Hillenbrand: Thank you for introducing me to the Cougar,the Iceman,the Magnate and of course, that crooked legged,big hearted Biscuit.For three days I couldn't wait to get back to my new friends.I'd read some then absorb their feelings ,as you clearly make a reader exist in that time.Alas,the bittersweet moment of parting comes with finshing this story.If a writer's immortality is one of your goals,you need not pen another word.Like generations to come ,I'll be back to visit THE BISCUIT & his crew time after time.I didn't start going to the track until I was two.I have a picture of my dad & me in a N.Y. start. gate then.He looks a little disapp.that I'm a small boy,not a colt readying for the Futurity.It's 53 yrs. later,I read everything,yet when you put me on Please Me W/George Woolf,I was filled W/a rush of life never before created by a written word.I guess SEABISCUIT'S heart was so big,60 years later,it still make,s others race faster through your words.
Middle Village, N.Y. USA

Comments by John Howard on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:46 IP Logged
Each time I finished a chapter I thought this story can't get any better. It always did. This is a wonderful book by a wonderful, gifted writer who does solid research but never loses her perspective. The story is shaped beautifully, paced like a hundred grander race and by the time it crosses the finish line, you will be on your feet cheering. I have never read anything like it. A masterpiece of sports writing. Hell, a masterpiece of writing, period.
Austin, TX USA

Comments by Bruce Fina on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:46 IP Logged
Dear Laura: After growing up in the shadow of Saratoga Racecourse, I cannot tell you how this book brings me back to my youth. I was 8 years old when they unloaded Secretariat from his van there. We were all waiting just like the throngs that waited for Seabiscuit. Thanks for taking me there and letting me live through your hard work! Long live the sport of kings!
Boston, MA USA

Comments by Ron Barnhard on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:41 IP Logged
Simply great! What else can I say? It's a wonderful book even for someone who has never ventured into a track or knows nothing about racing. It's a story so compelling you won't want to put it down!!!!
Coconut Creek, FL USA

Comments by Jim Bowman on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:09 IP Logged
The moment I finished "Seabiscuit" I was sorry it was over. While I held the book in my hands I was truly lost. Books are truly time machines, silicon and batteries will never replace paper and a good place to read. Thank you.
Seattle, WA USA

Comments by Marie on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 00:36 IP Logged
I just finished reading this book last night and felt compelled to write and let you know what an astounding and remarkable book this was - I hated to have it end. How I wish I had been around to see this remarkable horse in action and experience the devotion and love he inspired. My interest in racehorsing has always been very mild, although I did venture over to Belmont Park to see Seattle Slew win the Triple Crown. I never thought a book like this would appeal to me but now I can't imagine anyone who would not be inspired and touched by it. Very well written as well. BTW - while reading the 2-3 paragraphs devoted to the "moving manure pile" I absolutely laughed out loud and had to read the paragraphs to my husband. Thank you again.

Comments by Sarah Edwards on Monday, May 14, 2001 at 00:17 IP Logged
Dear Laura - so the toe chopping off story IS true!, I too, like my cousin Tom had no idea my great great grandfather Tom Smith was so famous! I am loving your book SEABISCUIT so much that I can't put it down! My father, (who is the grandson of Jim Smith) has told me stories of his childhood, growing up in So.Cal and visiting the race tracks with his grandpa Jim and being around celebrities all the time. I truly loved the chapter "the Lone Plainsman" I see a strong resemblance in my father(lookswise)to silent Tom- I'm getting him a grey felt fedora and some glasses!- We have some pictures of Seabiscuit and some memorabelia- but your book has really brought it to life- I wish I could have known my great great grandfather better and your book has given me a glimpse into his remarkable and "enigmatic" life. Thank you once again for recounting in such a wonderful way, this true American Legend! I look forward to the movie and if you could find the time to email me about my g.g.grandfather I would LOVE it! Thank you so much again for SEABISCUIT! Warmly, Sarah Edwards
Santa Rosa Beach, FL USA

Comments by Robert Blythin on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 08:36 IP Logged
One of those rare books you can't put down, especially if you're a horse racing fan. I grew up in Kentucky, around horse racing. I so much enjoyed family outings to Keenland and Churchill Downs. My grandfather used to talk about Seabiscuit as the greatest runner he ever saw (he witnessed the contest with War Admiral). Because of that, we could never get him to concede that Secretariat was the greatest of all time. Your book made me understand why he felt that way.
Newport Beach, CA USA

Comments by David Dinerman on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 07:36 IP Logged
Wow, Lauren. You wrote the book of your life! I just finished reading your book, in the shadow of Del Mar, which is dangerously close to my house and frankly, once I started it, I could not put it down. I actually was cheering out loud (for Seabicuit, of course) while reading the chapter on Seabiscuit and War Admiral's'match race. I remember having a board game and Seabicuit and War Admiral were two of the horses on the game (can't remember the others),and now I know why. The movie should be a smash..kinda like a Charriots of Fire. Good lock with it. PS Tom Merritt is an od friend of mine.
San Diego, CA USA

Comments by Susan Reierson on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 03:46 IP Logged
Just finished reading your book Laura and enjoyed every minute of it. Even found myself tearing up at several parts especially the match race. I attend Del Mar every summer and was especially thrilled to see the chapter on Seabiscuits's time there. What magnificent writing this book is and I can only hope it will be made into a movie soon. Saw your story on the news one night and had to get the book and am so glad I did.
San Marcos, CA USA

Comments by Laura Mitchell on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 03:38 IP Logged
Thank-you so much for writing this book. As a 40-year-old equestrienne with chicken pox, I can tell you few things make me happy when I'm forced out of the saddle for more than a day. Your book did the trick. My seat has mended, your book has ended, and I can't wait for the movie!!
york, Me USA

Comments by Juliane Jay on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 02:17 IP Logged
This is the first "horse story" I have read where I cried as much for the humans as for the horses! My husband heard the interview on NPR and sent me out for the book immediately. He was so excited as he read the story, that I had to leave the room to keep him from revealing the details to me as he progressed in the book. When my turn came, I was transfixed...until the chapter before the match race. When I knew the race was truly on, I had to close the book and rest for a day before I could continue! What a great read! My husband trains dancing horses and has his roots with the great circus trainers of Europe. I would love to let your words bring one of those glamorous stories to life! Just as with Seabiscuit, you must hurry, the links in the chain are dying off fast. Again, thanks for bringing us this allowed us all to ride a great racehorse!
Grass Valley, CA USA

Comments by Phil Howerton on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 01:44 IP Logged
LAURA: Your book, and especially the chapters on the two key races, reminds me of what once was said about a Pavarotti aria (Salut Domnere) that it was the most perfectly prepared high C in all opera. What a great job. What a wonderful book. Thanks. Phil
Charlotte, NC USA

Comments by J. Michael Rainey on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 01:31 IP Logged
This is, hands down, the best story...and one of the best books...I've ever read. What a refreshing, uplifting account of devotion, committment and triumph over adversity. Thank you, Laura, for your dedication and painstaking research to capture the true grit of this horse and those who were touched by him. Thanks to you, his courage and their dedication have been reborn to inspire us all.
Leavenworth, WA USA

Comments by James H. Stovall on Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 01:03 IP Logged
I read in the Wall Street Journal a review of "Seabiscuit:An American Legend" and shortly afterward heard the NPR interview you gave about the book. Both experiences stimulated me to get the book. The recording of the call of the match race with War Admiral moved me tremendously, as you said it always does, you, too. Where could I go to get a recording of it to share with my wife? I bought the book from the book club I belong to and read the preface to my wife. It hooked us both immediately, and over the course of the next several evenings I read the entire book aloud so we could enjoy it together. I had a hard time reading through laughter that your telling of the story often evoked, and an especially hard time reading over the lump in my throat as you brought the story to a close. What a powerful book! I bought another copy for my son and daughter-in-law after I had them read the preface in Barnes and Noble. Your work will certainly deserve all the accolades it will undoubtedly earn. May you triumph over your bout with CFS. Our prayers are with you. Other horses have risen to remarkable heights from humble beginnings (e.g. Seattle Slew), but do you think any other story could touch so many people the way your telling of Seabiscuit's story (and Seabiscuit's very life) has done? Thank you for writing "Seabiscuit: An American Legend." Jim & Suzi Stovall
Neotsu, OR United States

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