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Comments by Bill Shevlin on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 00:23 IP Logged
Congratulations on a magnificent book! Though I was only a young child at the time, I still remember my father listening to races on the radio and cheering for Seabiscuit. I don't recall when I have enjoyed a book so much. Your narratives of the races were particularly gripping. Thank you so much.
Port Charlotte, FL USA

Comments by Joyce Di Pietro on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 00:38 IP Logged
I just finished your book and have never been moved to make a comment or find out how to tell the author how much I have enjoyed the experience of the "ride". It was a delightful book which really got "under my skin"!! I could never wait to find out what his next milestone or dilemna would be. Thanks for a great reading adventure!! Once in awhile a book really STICKS with me and this one certainly did. I've recommended it several times over! Joyce
Pleasanton, CA USA

Comments by Nina on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 00:37 IP Logged
Dear Laura Hillenbrand, My name is Nina and I am 11. I read your book, Seabiscuit an American Legend, and loved it. I love horses and want to become a horseback rider (I am not sure what kind) and an author. I chose your book for a book project for school and, if you have the time, would like to ask you some questions. 1. How did you go about collecting all the information for this book and how long did it take you? 2. What inspired you to write about Seabiscuit? 3. Are girls allowed to become jockeys and if yes did you ever want to become a jockey? Thanks you for your time and if your not able to get back to me by next Tuesday, the 4th of December, don't worry about it. I loved your book! Sincerely, Nina
Bowdoinham, ME USA

Comments by Sue Harris on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 09:34 IP Logged
Dear Laura, I just finished reading Seabiscuit out loud to my 11 year old horse-crazy daughter. We both were crying at the end because we felt like we had lost a close friend. It was a wonderful book--the characters are decribed so vividly. It was interesting to discover that Thistledown--a track that is nearby and where we sometimes attend races--was mentioned in your book. We recently spent a week in Lexington touring horse farms and going to the Horse Park and Keeneland, but your book really brought the world of horse racing to life for us. I noticed my daughter was taking the book with her to school today so she can start reading it to herself--a sure sign that she loved it as much as I did. Thanks so much, Sue Harris
Cleveland, OH USA

Comments by Jeremy Edge on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 09:31 IP Logged
Laura you probably know the good news by now! i've just left the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award and you won. It's always shocked me that bookshops in the US have racing titles in the gambling section and not in the Sports section. You have taken Racing out of the gambling section through the Sports section and basically into a totally different level altogether.
London, UK

Comments by Joan Becker on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 05:56 IP Logged
During our Thanksgiving vacation, my husband and I read your book aloud to one another. After reading one of the racing accounts, I breathed deeply, saying: "My I'm exhausted, aren't you? That was an incredible race!" Obviously, I felt as though I had been in the stands rooting for the outcome. Since I've never been to a race, this was a fabulous subsitute. We commented often on your wonderful writing, the breathtaking, literally, way you engaged our sympathies, interests, and support. Looking at your research we discovered your remarkable creative work and applaud you for delving deeply in so many directions. Our Seattle friend put us on to this book on the telephone one day, so I immediately went to our local library which took almost three months to place a copy in my hand; now, we know why. We will be gifting others with copies of your fine work. Thank you for the work, the great read, the love at the heart of your writing and at the heart of the three men's stories which come together in great unity. What a message: men can honor the unique personalities of one another, so different, but be highly unified by a common love and task taking them in the same direction. The depth of your work, it seems to me, emerges in part from the compassion with which you viewed these and the other remarkable human beings. Do give us another great read when you are able!
Fresno, CA. USA

Comments by Jerry Freeland on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 01:52 IP Logged
Dear Laura I'm glad to hear you've recovered from your illness. It's been quite some time since I first read your wonderful story about Seabiscuit. It's still on my nightstand. If you or any of your many fans know of film or a video of any of Seabiscuit's races, please contact me at 858-452-7226 or send me an email message. Thanks again for a wonderful story, and I hope you write another book soon-maybe expand on the life of one of the main characters. Red Pollard would be a good topic. Jerry Freeland, La Jolla, CA
La Jolla, CA USA

Comments by GARY MEDEIROS on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 01:13 IP Logged
san leandro, CA USA

Comments by Nancy Parker on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 00:42 IP Logged
When I was 8 years old , my older sister asked me 'Who di I want to win the race, Sea Biscuit or War Admiral?Thanks to your wonderful book, I can relive those memories of the 1930"s and the passion people had for those two horses. I am going on to read the Racing Form now so I can keep abreast of the racing world.
New York , NY USA

Comments by Laura Hillenbrand on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 00:38 IP Logged
Laura Hillenbrand's Seabiscuit: The True Story of Three Men and a Racehorse (published in America as Seabiscuit: An American Legend) has been named the 2001 winner of Great Britain's famed William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award. One of the most prestigious literary prizes in Britain, the Sports Book of the Year Award carries a prize of 10,000 pounds (about $14,300), a free 1,000 pound bet, and a leather-bound copy of the winning book. Seabiscuit, which was chosen over four other shortlist titles, was published by Fourth Estate, Ltd. in the UK and Random House in the US. A long-term number one best seller in the United States, the book is currently being made into a feature film by Universal Pictures. Seabiscuit is also the subject of an upcoming PBS documentary, for which Hillenbrand is serving as a senior consultant. The award announcement was made to a media-packed audience in London.
Washington, DC USA

Comments by Chris Hagey on Monday, November 26, 2001 at 00:11 IP Logged
Dear Laura, Funny how fate works....we had put off our Thanksgiving road trip by one day and so were driving on Thanksgiving when I decided out of the blue to turn on the radio...there you were, just beginning your phone interview and I listened, enthralled, as you spoke of Seabiscuit. You are amazing and your book is one that I promised myself I'd pick up soon. As a holisitc practitioner I found myself perhaps most interested in the trainer biography (Tom Brown?) as it was emminently clear to me from the little you'd said about him that he was a man who could sense subtle energies and could tune into them, could and did work with them (just as I do) . Everything you said about him I understood. I am compelled to mention to you regarding CFS that what Tom did, you can learn as well in order to take back your power and your energy (and didn't you say that this is a book that keeps on giving? I sense there is even more than you may have thought :)....I was astounded to hear about your disability and am inspired by how much you've accomplished through it....I work for those with CSF and many other disfunctions, helping them to help themselves by working to harmonize their energy field and take back their lives (with a great success rate). This is what Seabiscuit's trainer understood, whether he did this consciously or not. (and no wonder he was more comfortable around animals than people as there would not have been many who worked as he did or understood that which he instinctively put into use.) If you do find youself intrigued in alternative / subtle energy work, please know that this is a mode that can accomodate you no matter where you are....for instance I myself only do remote work, meaning no physical meeting is required. Blessings to you, Sincerely, Chris Hagey
Troy, MI USA

Comments by kjkeller on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 09:45 IP Logged
Dear Laura: Thank you for one of the best days' reading I have ever had--I started the book at 10PM yesterday and couldn't stop--read straight through till 4PM finishing your final remarks with a good cup of tea and deep joy. I'm a native Marylander, with lots of time under my belt at Pimlico, adn fortunate to have seen Native Dancer's training base first hand. Your story on paper is as brilliant as the screenplay was for Phar Lap--an unlikely Austrailian racehorse with parallels of rough luck and phenomenal wins.If your screenwriters get stuck--have them watch Phar Lap --it is a memorable film. Your passion for horses and your vocation as writer are well matched--best of eveything to you!~Karla
San Francisco, CA USA

Comments by Clare Mansell on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 09:03 IP Logged
Laura, I so enjoyed (voraciously) devouring your book. I appreciate your research and total dedication to this project. Now I want to see some actual newsreel footage of the races - is it possible, and where?
Roswell, GA USA

Comments by Don Warren on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 07:28 IP Logged
Dear Laura, About 6 months ago my wife & I were encouraged by some of our friends to take a 4 day tour of horse farms in Kentucky. Since we knew little about the world of thoroughbreds we booked the trip. Then, my brother fave me SEABISCUIT. I could not put it down. I made a recent trip from Charlotte, NC to Peace River, Alberta, Canada and on the way there and back I absorbed every word in your magnificient book. How can you possibly remember such detail and then put it on paper. You must be a genius. I want to learn more during our trip about the handicapping procedures (which I don't understand) as well as CLAIMER races. I really look forward to our trip since reading your book. Several days ago I heard you on Public Radio talking about your bout with CFS. It's hard to believe that you can put such energy on paper while wrestling with this illness. Laura, you have a wonderful gift of writing which I hope you continue to share with folks like me. Regards, Don Warren
Gastonia, NC USA

Comments by Oro Lucy Garzon-Duhov, Ph.D on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 05:18 IP Logged
Dear Ms Laura Hillenbrand, a friend of mine heard you on the radio, perhaps NPR, or in TV. She mentioned that you had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and overcame this illness. Please, would you be able to send me the name of your Dr. or any information that you have concerning that illness. I have it for the last seven years. I am most appreciative for your help, Sincerely Oro L. Garzon-Duhov, Ph. D.
Stamford, CT USA

Comments by Loretta Benge on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 03:10 IP Logged
I don't really enjoy reading at all & I am a teacher! I own horses and ride, therefore your book was of interest. But, it turned out to be more than that!!! Wow - I didn't get any papers graded, but I was inspired on how you wrote the book, what I need to teach my students to look for in a good book, incredibly good aspects in writing and the personal value I gained, as all your admirers said, ditto - ditto Amazing! I can't wait to see the movie.
Weimar, CA USA

Comments by Laura Hillenbrand on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 01:40 IP Logged
FROM THE AUTHOR: A number of readers have asked about how they can see actual film footage of Seabiscuit. You're in luck. Famed filmmaker Steve Ives is now producing a one-hour documentary on Seabiscuit's life. This documentary, which will air on PBS' American Experience next year (the date has not been slated), will feature original footage of all of Seabiscuit's major races as well as newsreel footage, home movies taken by the Howard family and Doc Babcock, and interviews with me and many of those associated with the horse and his handlers. I am serving as a consultant on the documentary. I will be adding a page to this site devoted to the documentary soon, so check back for details.
Washington, DC USA

Comments by Jill North on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 00:24 IP Logged
I'm not old enough to have ever seen Seabiscuit race or even any newsreels but I'm familiar with his name and the names of other famed race horses.I didn't know anything else about him. I friend lent me this book and it is terrific. So interesting and well written and a chronicle of the times. It would appeal to anyone no matter their interests or background. It can easily be read in 2 days. Thank you for a wonderful story and history.
Jackson, CA USA

Comments by Pat Lore on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 00:23 IP Logged
I work with Connie Schein and I have just finished your book. (We've met) Excellent story and book. I am the facilitator at this Monday night's book club and would love to know what you are up to these days so I can tell the group since I haven't heard from you in a while. How is Borden? We'll have to talk soon.
Wash, dc USA

Comments by gary arbeiter on Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 00:17 IP Logged
Thank you. I aspire to write and read mostly fiction. I am drawn to "word crafters" like Proulx. Having just finshed your book I am very happy I listened to the critics and read "Seabiscuit". You are a wonderful story teller. Good luck with the movie.
Sedona, Az USA

Comments by Sandy Strother on Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 09:40 IP Logged
Laura, I read your book several months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing style is fascinating. Congratulations on your huge success!! Then a few weeks ago I picked up a magazine in the waiting area of a carwash in Butte, MT and read the story of your malady. I worked for your stepmother for almost 5 years and had just heard her version of your horrifying disease -- quite a different story than yours. I know your forthrightness will help others. Thank you for your honesty in both your book and your personal health history.
Wise River, MT USA

Comments by Joseph W. Zahra on Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 06:25 IP Logged
Dear Ms. Laura Hildenbrand, I want to thank you for such extraordinary reading of your book “Sea Biscuit”. I found the book to be one that caught my interest in the history of horse racing. My previous knowledge of horses and there abilities where very limited. After the first few chapters, I felt that this story should be made into a movie. I was delighted to read that you are on assignment to consult your services to this production. Your writing held my attention that this was one of those few books that I could not put down. I would be interested in your ideas in the filming of this movie. You have the gift of creating a story that allows the reader to enter into the lives of the characters and feel their emotions. Sincerely, Joseph W. Zahra
Hampton Bays, NY USA

Comments by Joachim Klehe on Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 05:09 IP Logged
Wonderful book Laura! It's in that rare category of reading that kept me up until 3AM this morning and which I picked up again as soon as I had my first cup of coffee this morning. How about getting someone to assemble & edit the newsreel footage of Seabiscuit and War Admiral onto a DVD and I'll bet you'll sell a copy to everyone who bought your book. Just what you need, another project! Wishing you the best and am envisioning your recovery from CFS. Best wishes to you.
San Antonio, TX USA

Comments by Amy A. May on Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 01:30 IP Logged
Laura-My mom is currently reading your book and I'm next on the list because of her enjoyment and excitement that she is currently sharing with me! She has a personal interest in your book because she was very close to Neville Dunn,for whom S. Howard Charles signed a drawing of a head shot of Seabiscuit. She just had the drawing framed as your book came out, thus the increased interest!!! She just wanted to pass this on to you. Thanks for the wonderful book as we love our horses here in Kentucky! -Amy
Lexington, ky USA

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